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Clever, creative and considerate change.

We’re very good at listening.


We’ve honed this skill, enabling us to understand what is truly important, what drives our clients and makes them tick.


We combine this emotional intelligence – with the rational; strategic and data driven insight, and an in-depth understanding of the premium lifestyle audience.


This allows us to develop creative solutions that breathe life into brands and connect their communities.

We believe in:
Being Australian

We are proud of our shared heritage. We celebrate our culture, our sense of freedom and our egalitarian spirit. We work with clients who are Australian, who wish to reach Australians, or who wish to reflect our modern Australian perspective.

We care

At This is Ikon we care about each other and the work we produce. We care about building authentic brands and consistently delivering results for our clients.

Considerate of community

We are sensitive to communities and their cultures. Our work grows and invigorates inclusive communities that affect change.

Pursuing better for the planet

We believe that business has the power to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. We work with those who are willing to embrace and transform their cultures, products, and services to ensure they are fit for the future.

Lightness of spirit

We enjoy what we do and always take an optimistic attitude. We strive to have a positive impact on the lives of those around us, our clients and their businesses, and the wider world.

Our team + collaborators:
Kate Dennis
Jack Matheson
Michelle Whitehead
Sarah McCallum
Ben Mayo
Sharon Skeggs
Hannah Otley
Ros Layton Butler
Lizzie Collis