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Community Caring

Charter Hall’s nationwide shopping centres offer a commitment to sustainability, community health and wellbeing, in a range of initiatives and installations that give back. Ikon are proud to collaborate with the Charter Hall retail managers to deliver promotions that support these values. We provide a range of services, from naming, ideas and development, design and illustration, to bring each campaign to life.

Our vibrant ‘Bookworms’ mural and tree-shaped bookshelves concept, celebrates local endemic flora and fauna and attracts children to a place where they can swap books and read, whilst their parents shop.

An educational campaign for Project Green Schools, promoted sustainable living and composting and encourage ‘Tiny Gardeners’, with a competition to win a community garden.

  • This Is Ikon - Community Caring
  • This Is Ikon - Community Caring
  • Our ‘Green Wall’ installation further promotes sustainability and allows shoppers to borrow and return eco-bags. Empty or fill, our leafy illustration is an attractive reminder to consider the way we behave for the good of our community and our planet. More than just boosting sales, the goal of our ‘Love Local’ was to genuinely engage shoppers with rewards plus an added incentive to pay it forward for the greater good of the region. Ikon’s campaign name embraced all aspects of the initiative and a motivating ‘Shop. Win. Share’ strap line rallied shoppers to bag a prize for themselves and their nominated community group. Love Local hit the spot: sales increased beyond targets and rewarded shoppers who’d also played a part in giving support where it’s needed. We love this campaign’s authenticity to help further embed the centres in their communities.
  • "The campaign was a great success. The increase in sales exceeded our target by more than 30% and the local community groups were extremely appreciative. It really was a win-win for the whole community."
    Elio Lacutone, Former Senior Marketing Manager, Charter Hall
  • This Is Ikon - Community Caring