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    Sydney World Pride

    Client Work
    It's Mardi Gras season! Flashback to last year when we worked with Sydney World Pride to design and roll out some very fun event assets.

    It was an exciting collaboration and was made easier by some beautiful artworks by Wombaya Warumungu designer and artist Jessica Johnson for Nungala Creative.

    Our work resulted in a set of vibrant wristbands, passes, and event maps, each meticulously crafted to enhance the festival experience.

    The theme of the festival, "GATHER, DREAM, AMPLIFY," was developed in close partnership with First Nations and LGBTQIA+ communities, embodying the ...

    Dance into the holidays with heart

    Studio Life
    It’s been a whirlwind of a year, fueled by creative exploration, hard graft, and adventures aplenty. This December we’re proudly supporting Bangarra Dance Theatre. More than performers, their stories share the rich culture of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. These holidays, let’s celebrate self-expression, embrace joyous moments, and create a lasting impact. Cheers to dancing our way into bright days ahead. Taking a short break from the 21st of December, we'll be back in full swing from the 8th of January.

    Shapes in motion

    Crafted by the talented Shell, our end-of-year illustration is a celebration of connection and movement inspired by Bangarra Dance Theatre performances. We love everything they do, all they are striving for and we are proud to support them.

    Vote yes

    We will vote yes on October 14. 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum

    2023 on the horizon

    Studio Life
    They say that when you are having fun, time flies...and this year has skyrocketed! It's been fuelled by inspiring projects, people and places. We are eager to see where 2023 takes us. The Ikon team are cooling their jets from the 22nd December but will be back on deck from the 9th January. Happy holidays!

    Sydney Essential Oil Company

    Client Work
    Art directing photography for Sydney Essential Oil Co. was not only satisfying but crucial for us to produce industry-leading collateral for our client. These unique images reflected the company’s deep respect for nature and its commitment to ethical production values.

    On the tools

    Lots to see behind the scenes of a recent location shoot in Melbourne, for our client

    Form follows function

    Client Work
    So much has changed in the last couple of years in the way we all live and work. Melbourne Central Tower has new branding, but we have a soft spot for the combination of materials and bright pop of colour on this leasing collateral.

    This is_a wrap

    Studio Life
    Looking back on the year that was inside, but fun.
    Now it’s time to say goodbye to 2021.
    We’re closing down on 22nd December.
    Ready to make 2022 a year to remember.

    So, enjoy your mangoes, prawns, and ham.
    We'll look forward to seeing you from the 10th of Jan.

    Out of this world

    Client Work
    Our client AARNet connects researchers who unravel mysteries of the universe. And so, the design of their Annual Report needed to sparkle like the work contained within it. But what to do when the optimism of our home planet is dampened by a pandemic? We found the answer in Creativity of course! We shifted the readers’ perspective, with 3D gradients and a colourful palette and showed the world that AARNet is making our future, bright.

    Back to School

    Client Work
    Hands up who needs to know more about sustainable fashion? Join Wardrobe Crisis Academy here. We helped visionary Clare Press take her established brand to the next level and launch an inspiring new online education program. Photo by Valdemaras D.

    Making your day

    Client Work
    We collaborated with stylist Gemma Lush and photographer Benito Martin to bring our 'Making Your Day' concept to life for Charter Hall Retail with still-life photography. The creative direction aimed to enhance the 'convenience plus' shopping environment with literally larger-than-life everyday essentials. Showcasing an unexpected mix of products which are all available in the retail environment, delivers the message 'Making Your Day…Brighter, Easy, Fun, Crafty, Tasty, Fresh.'